“Alien Demon Fires (An Italian X-File)



(I’m Italian so don’t bother writing to me.)


(I’m Italian so don’t bother writing to me.)




A few days ago, Don Polec at WPVI 6ABC mentioned that an Italian government report had concluded that episodes of spontaneous combustion of common household appliances in Sicily could be attributed to “aliens testing secret weapons”.

Reference the following story by World Net Daily:



Baffling ‘demon’ fires blamed on space aliens
Government report: Other-worldly ‘secret weapons’ responsible for strange ignition of home appliances


Posted: October 27, 2007
7:00 p.m. Eastern
© 2007 WorldNetDaily.com

A leaked Italian government report concludes “aliens testing secret weapons” are responsible for a series of strange, spontaneous fires that erupted from appliances and other home furnishings all over the village of Canneto di Caronia three years ago.

The community on Sicily’s northern coast was the center of international attention in 2004 when residents reported ordinary household items – electrical appliances, wedding presents and furniture – mysteriously began catching fire.

“We cannot risk a tragedy through these fires,” mayor Pedro Spinnato (said) in January of that year, “so I have no other option but to evacuate the village. We have had electrical engineers in to examine cables and wires but they can find no explanation. It is not just electrical items, furniture is also catching fire for no reason. Already people are blaming the events on evil spirits and I am being asked to get the local priest to perform an exorcism.”

In fact . . . a Catholic exorcist was consulted about the phenomenon. Gabriele Amorth, told the Italian newspaper Il Messagero, “I’ve seen things like this before.”

“Demons occupy a house and appear in electrical goods, ” he said. “… Let’s not forget that Satan and his followers have immense powers.”

In cases of demon behavior, the Vatican expert said, “it is normal for domestic appliances to be involved and for demons [to] make their presence known via electricity.”

The fires continued through the spring, and the country’s electric company finally cut all power to the village while scientists tried to determine the cause.

Experts from around the world – scientists, electrical engineers and military experts – came to investigate the phenomenon. One amazed scientist . . . claimed to have seen an unplugged electrical cable burst into flames.

WorldNetDaily reported the bizarre blazes appeared to cease after the village replaced and grounded its wiring, though investigators could not explain why.

Some villagers remained unconvinced the respite meant the fires would cease.

“It is not certain that the fires are finished forever,” Tullio Martella, the head of Sicily’s Civil Protection Agency told the New York Times. “They were episodic to begin with.”

Nino Pezzino, who was among the first to experience the “hellfire” when his television set suddenly burst into flames told the Times: “I’m Catholic. I believe in the devil. I don’t know why the devil is here. Maybe the problem we’re dealing with is technology, but it’s not Earth-bound technology.”

Now, a report of the $2 million investigation by the Civil Protection Department, ordered by the Italian government and prepared by a team of experts including a NASA scientist, seems to back up Pezzino’s laymen opinion that other-worldly forces are to blame.

Leaked copies say the bizarre fires were “caused by high-power electromagnetic emissions which were not man-made and reached a power of between 12 and 15 gigawatts.”

The report also references a possible UFO landing close to Caronia where “burned imprints which have not been explained were found in a field.”

The space-alien explanation is a departure from both the demonic and natural ones proposed earlier.

One natural hypothesis that had been considered was electrical energy related to volcanic activity beneath the land’s crust being released near the village. Supercharged ions, it was speculated, might then spark the fires once meeting up with electronic devices in the homes.

“The cause of the fires seems to have been static electric charges,” Tullio Martella, the head of Sicily’s Civil Protection Agency told the New York Times in 2004. “What we don’t understand is why there were these static electric charges.”

Now, investigators are saying the electric charges originated from “unnatural forces.”

“We are not saying little green men from Mars started the fires, but that unnatural forces capable of creating a large amount of electromagnetic energy were responsible,” Francesco Mantegna Venerando, Sicily’s Civil Protection chief who co-ordinated the report, said yesterday. “This is just one possibility. We are also looking at another one which involves the testing of top-secret weapons by an unknown power which are also capable of producing an enormous amount of energy.”

“This is not the final report. We are still working on our conclusions and this has been leaked,” he said.



Now let us cut to the office of Vittorio Skinnerini in the Ministeria Investigazione d’Italia. . .

Signore Skinnerini is speaking to his two top agents who oversee the ministry’s X-Files:

“Agent-a-Muldinato, Agent-a-Sculliti, we’ve just got this-a report from Canneto di Caronia in-a Sicily that-a says toasters are ‘sploding… ”

Agent Muldinato glowers at his partner and scrapes the underside of his chin with his fingertips:

“E-h-h-h . . .”

Sculliti glares back, grabs her right ear and sticks out her tongue at him:

“E-h-h-h . . .”

Exasperated, Skinnerini angrily stands, fists on his desk and hollers, “Stop-a-witt-a-da hands; I don-a like-a-dat stuff!”

Sculliti cries out, “I don-a-like-a-him. He’s-a-stupido!

Muldinato retorts, “I don-a like-a her, she’s a quack; she’s-a-no dottore!”

“Wadda you mean I’m-a no dottore? I wen-a to medical school!!” screams Sculliti.

Silenzio!! Shut up-a you mouths!” an exasperated Skinnerini screams.

Sculliti growls at Muldinato as she pats the top of her head and goes cross-eyed at him:

“E-h-h-h . . .”

“I said-a stop it!!. Now I got-a da official govern-a-mental report-a here anna you gonna go anna check it out!”

“I’m-a no go nowhere witta her. She no dottore; she no fix-a nobody! I wanna ‘nother partner!” Muldinato punctuates this by reaching his arm behind his head and wagging his hand back and forth,

“E-h-h-h . . .”

“I am a dottore. I gotta da paper dat-a say I’m a dottore from-a da University of-a Genoa.” she calmly replies.

“So what? You never fix-a nobody,” he replies condescendingly, “You jus’-a look at-a dead people. You a ‘dead people’ dottore.”

By this time Skinnerini has laid his head on his desk in frustration. He sits back up, glances back and forth at each of his two crack agents and asks “You both-a finish? It says inna da report that a team of essperts, even a NASA scientist in-a-vestigated! It cost-a two million-a lira so you know issa real! It also say dat-a da fires was-a ’caused by-a high-power electromagnetic emissions which were not-a man-made and reached a power of between twelve and fifteen-a gigawatts.’ Dassa twelve to fifteen billion-a watts!! Dass-a lotta watts! An’ it also say ‘burned imprints which have not-a been a-splained were found inna field!'”

Muldinato calmly interjects, “I already check-a dat out. The ‘burned imprints’ were da bottoms of some weird kid’s-a sneakers. He has-a the power to call down lightning outta da sky. He’s-a killed about seven cows so far this-a year….  He’s also gone-a through about a dozen-a pairs of-a Nikes.”

Sculliti rolls her eyes and mutters, exasperated, “Jesu Cristo . . .”

Muldinato angrily says, “What, what? You don-a believe me? Go check him outta you-self! Dead cows all over-a da place!! Sheesh!!”

Silencing Muldinato with a withering look, Skinnerini says, “The point here is that-a there’s no reasonable-a ‘splanation . . .”

“Yes, there is,” interjects Sculliti, “it’s probably because of electrical energy related to volcanic activity beneath the land’s crust being released near the village. Supercharged ions sparked the fires when they met up with electronic devices in the homes.


“Heyyy! Why you-a talk like that? What happen-a your accent???” demands Muldinato.


“You like that, eh? I also take-a public speaking at-a Genoa U.” replies Sculliti.


“Jus’ ’cause you-a sound like-a some stuffy American actress, it-a donna make you right! Besides, I studied what happen an’ I know that all-a dis was-a cause o’ il diavolo!” says Muldinato.


Sculliti rolls her eyes again, “The devil! Sheesh! It’s always the devil wit-a you! Or aliens! Or the ghost of-a you maternal Aunt-a Sophia!”


“You leave-a my Aunt Sophia outta this! I donna mention-a you famiglia!!” Muldinato angrily replies.


“‘Sannuff!” interrupts Skinnerini. “I wanna you both on the next plane to Sicily to take-a statements an’ I esspect a full report by Monday!” Skinnerini concludes.


Muldinato, pouting angrily says “Plane! Oh, no! I’m-a no fly widda her. She always take-a da window seat, then-a keep climbing over me to go to the lavatoria!”


“Wadda ’bout you?” answers Sculliti sarcastically “Las’ time you-a spent-a da whole flight whimpering that we were-a gonna crash! You notta man! You jus’ a weeping Mary!!!”


Red in his face by now, Skinnerini explodes, “I donna care how you getta there! Take a bus!”


“We can’t take a bus,” Sculliti reples calmly. “Sicily is an island.”


“Heyyy! There goes a-you accent again!” says Muldinato.


“Then-a swim, dammit! Now geddoutta here!” Skinnerini pounds his desk and points to the door.


The two agents, she, a respected forensic specialist, he, a top-notch investigative profiler, walk out the door wildly making hand gestures at each other.


“E-h-h-h . . .”


“E-h-h-h . . .”





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